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Dr. Suzann Wang

Revitalize Your Body and Spirit

Dr. Wang's approach to healing and pain management is natural and extremely effective. She has focused much of her work and research toward non-surgical pain relief, environmental medicine, and regenerative medicine.

Much of what we consider signs of aging and degeneration are the combination of physical injury, hormonal imbalance or decrease, and accumulation of environmental toxins. The body starts to react to these traumas, toxic accumulations and stressors through symptoms such as allergies, arthritis, headaches, sleep disorders, chronic pain, skin wrinkling and hair loss or thinning.

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Welcome To Naturopathic Options

Naturopathic medicine offers natural, non-surgical options to pain (neurological and structural), injuries, aging concerns, digestive complaints, fatigue, sleep and mood disorders. Combining the most innovative and cutting edge therapies to stimulate the body's ability to recover from injury or regenerate from degenerative processes such as arthritis or fatigue. The latest in Ultrasound technology is utilized to isolate and specifically treat injuries using Platelet Rich Plasma, Ozone (Prolozone) Prolotherapy or Biopuncture.

Naturopathic medicine differs from conventional medicine in that we treat the cause of illnesses naturally, stimulating the body's natural ability to heal itself and to reverse damage to the body due to environmental factors, stress, injury, lifestyle and diet.

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