Individualized Hormone Therapy: Is it for you?

The idea of Bio-identical Hormone therapy intrigues many of my patients but many are cautious and confused about health concerns related to synthetic or equine hormone replacement (think horse hormones) versus bio-identical hormone therapy. This article hopefully will help you understand whether or not you are a good candidate for bio-identical hormone replacement.

Historically, hormone replacement was given to women and sometimes men for menopausal symptoms.  These hormones were typically synthetic or animal hormones and carried with them significant clotting or stroke risk as well as breast cancer risk.  In contrast, pellet hormone therapy, like the BioTE medical pellets that Dr. Wang uses in her office has no known increased risk of breast or prostate cancer and no increase in blood clots, heart attack or stroke.  BioTE pellets have been used in almost 1 million insertions with extensive data collected on our patients to measure health outcomes.  Why the difference? The safety of bioidentical hormones are due to the form of the hormone (not synthetic or animal derived) and the route of administration (subcutaneous rather than oral).  Oral estrogens increase risk of heart, stroke or breast cancer risk due to liver conversion of the hormone.  Pellets are absorbed by the skin into the circulation and do not lead to the same outcomes related to oral estrogens.

Advantages of pellet therapy include:

  • Steady state of hormones, no roller coaster effect because there is not daily dosing of the hormones and no skipped days.
  • Improved patient compliance due to 2-4 insertions per year.  Improves lipids (increase HDL), insulin sensitivity and improves body composition (more muscle, less fat).
  • No significant weight gain.
  • Best method to increase bone density (one of the best plusses for those concerned about osteoporosis)
  • No increase in inflammatory markers.
  • No increased risk of breast or prostate cancer.
  • No increase in blood clots, heart attack or stroke.

Advantages of Bio-identical hormone replacement:

  • Relief from peri-menopausal symptoms including
    • Hot flashes/night sweats
    • Insomnia
    • Heart palpitations
    • Bone Pain
    • Loss of libido
    • Poor memory and concentration
    • Depression
    • Lethargy
    • Heart palpitations
    • Frequent UTI or urinary incontinence
    • Vaginal dryness
  • Mood improvement
    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Sleep regulation
  • Reverses sexual aging symptoms including:
    • erectile dysfunction in men
    • libido concerns in both men and women
    • Improves sexual interest and desire
    • Improves satisfaction
    • Vaginal dryness and pain with intercourse in women
  • Reduces brain deterioration and onset of dementia, including Alzheimer’s
  • Improves Body composition and strength
    • Increases muscle mass
    • Increases lean muscle mass
    • Decreases fat mass
    • Increases exercise tolerance
    • Increases bone mineral density
  • Better energy
  • Builds bone and reduces risk of osteoporosis
  • Protects the heart and reduces risk of heart attacks and stroke

If you have interest in Bio-identical hormone replacement, contact our offices so that we can further assist you in attaining optimal health.

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Rely on the neural prolotherapy to discard painful ailments

Every individual lock-in for satisfying every one of the prerequisites which can make his life simple and helpful on earth. Likewise, for this principal need, it is basic for them to stay strong and torment free. Else, it will end up more earnestly for them to sustain themselves and their family in case they turn out to be sick or resolved to have a disease. Join torment, ankle knee pain, consistent exhaustion, Lyme affliction, and a couple of various issues can transform into the hindrance in the strategy for having a prosperous presence. It is continually basic to seek after a lifestyle that can impact you to avoid these therapeutic issues. Nevertheless, in case you have still descended by sickness, by then, it is basic to fix it by relying upon the best treatment.

There are various techniques for treating a lone therapeutic issue. Regardless, it is continually fitting to pick the one that can give opportunity from the issue forever. Everything considered, there is convincing and helpful prolotherapy open which will take most of your medicinal issues away. Ozone has some unbelievably beneficial molecules for retouching the body. Despite it is mixed into the joint or onto a tendon, it will begin working soon. Likewise, you will locate the heavenly event of this treatment as awesome results. When it is mixed, it invigorates the fix of the impacted district. Toward the day’s end, you can say it clearly impacts your blood and safe structure.

In case you get the prolozone injected into your joints or tendons, it will unite the blood in a sterile and shut condition. In addition, blood winds up prepared to outfit you with cell restoring, quieting, antiviral, antagonistic to bacterial, and against parasitic effects. When you have picked the neural prolotherapy, it is fundamental to pick the particularly saw and assumed pro association for this need. Naturopathic Options could be the best decision since we offer normal, non-cautious decisions to torment wounds, developing concerns, stomach-related complaints, and various diverse issues.

Strikingly, we have the cultivated and exceptionally qualified specialists who do merge the most inventive and front-line medicines to empower the limit of the body to recover from harm or disease. When you don’t realize which can be great prolotherapy specialists, visit our pros who will contribute a fair proportion of vitality with you to totally fathom the history and purpose behind sickness. In the wake of getting the required information, they settle on the course of treatment. Beside this, our masters will similarly educate you about the dietary, lifestyle, or penchants that you require changing for the beneficial recovering procedure. In this manner, don’t sit tight for extra, visit now!

Dispose of serious knee torment by relying on a leading ozone treatment center

Regardless of whether you are a young person or a senior, there is one condition that can influence you at any age. What’s more, that condition is terrible pain from knee to ankle. When discussing the knee torment of youngsters, they regularly experience this sort of torment because of the intense damage which can be happened in games or in a mishap. More often than not, they experience transient torment and get recouped after the treatment. In any case, the seniors then again, experience the ill effects of this condition as joint pain. Indeed, it doesn’t make a difference what your torment got from, it is imperative to look for the assistance of the best treatment that can diminish your side effects in the limited capacity to focus.

There are various medicines accessible that one can depend on. A few medicines can be profited as a medical procedure, and some include taking physician endorsed prescription. While hunting down the treatment, you can run over the conventional course and non-customary course. Customary one incorporates medicine, exercise-based recuperation, or medical procedure. What’s more, regarding a non-conventional course, you can take advantages of needle therapy, common enhancements, or homeopathy. Among all the accessible medicines, there is the best which is known as the ozone treatment. It won’t just treat indications yet, in addition, get the base of the agony.

To exploit this powerful knee pain treatment, you need to find the correct facility. Many can guarantee that they are the best, yet you should just depend on the most trusted and presumed one. In the event that you are looking for the reputed and top-rated clinic, at that point, there would be nothing preferable choice over Naturopathic Options. It is an essential consideration practice which gives far-reaching human services through characteristic treatments. They have been giving their administrations to the general population of their particular area for quite a while. With the objective of expanding their wellbeing or address interminable ailment and malignant growth, individuals everything being equal, and conditions of wellbeing visit this facility for the treatment.

At this one of the rumored Ozone treatment facilities, they have exceptionally prepared and qualified experts who treat patients with an exhaustive, bleeding edge way to deal with the human services administrations, medications, and care. Interestingly, they offer an astounding air of minding polished skill, remedial illumination, and dietary direction to help you in showing signs of improved wellbeing. In the event that you have chosen to rely on our physicians to get the most effective lower back pain treatment, at that point get in touch with us to book an arrangement.

5 Great Ways Medical Ozone Therapy Can Relieve Your Pain

Medical ozone therapy is a safe, natural way to manage difficult to manage pain.  Ozone therapy is a variation of the oxygen molecule we normally breathe but instead of O2, it is O3.  Meaning that ozone is an highly reactive (read easy oxygen atom donor) formation of oxygen.  The reactivity makes ozone an excellent kick starter to your immune.  Ozone has antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal actions and the oxygen assists in circulation and strengthening cell’s normal function.  Ozone is anti-inflammatory in the body and helps cells heal exponentially faster than without ozone application.  As oxygen is used by every cell in the body, ozone is easily absorbed and utilized by the local cells thereby accelerating healing.  Here are some of my favorite ways to utilize medical ozone to eliminate pain in the body:

Arthritis and Degenerated Joints  

This is one of my favorite uses for ozone therapy because the healing generated by ozone injections can be felt in any joint in the body that has degenerated by arthritis.  A bonus is that ozone injections also heal Lyme arthritis which is a big concern for those of you with Lyme disease out there.  Because of ozone’s natural antibacterial and antiinfection actions, Lyme can be cleared out of a joint in a way that antibiotics cannot.  Joint regeneration is also assisted by ozone injections so not only will you find your pain relieved but this can be a permanent fix for your arthritis, no matter the severity.


Tired? Achey? Muscle pain? Many of my patients come to me diagnosed with fibromyalgia.  Other than pain medications, conventional medicine offers little for resolution of fibromyalgia.  As a naturopathic doctor, I look deeper into understanding the cause of such chronic illnesses.  Fibromyalgia is difficult to understand and even more difficult process to relieve.  Ozone IV’s or ozone injections to the local area often relieves and can permanently relieve pain from fibromyalgia.  Partially due to allowing the cells to detoxify better, partially due to immune system modulation, partially due to its antiviral and antiinflammatory actions medical ozone is a godsend for people in chronic pain and fatigue.

Tendinitis or Partial Tendon Tear Repair

Local application of ozone therapy with a mix of vitamins and homeopathic medicines will heal or strengthen a tendon or ligament that has been torn or inflammed due to over-use or traumatic injury.  This can easily keep you out of the surgeon’s suite.  Achilles tendinitis, ACL tears, rotator cuff tears all respond beautifully and quickly to ozone injections avoiding surgical repair for these and other common tears.  Occasionally, I will also utilize PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) or Prolotherapy (High concentration dextrose) along with the ozone to accelerate healing in severe cases.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBD

Abscesses, infections in the gut, chronic irritation in the bowels can easily be healed with a series of local application of ozone.  This includes fistulas and ulcerative colitis.

Localized Infection

Since I’ve already mentioned the anti-infection benefits of ozone, this seems obvious.  From gangrene to an abcessed toenail or infected cat scratch, ozone does it all.  Keep this in mind before you decide to take the next dose of antibiotics for an infection.