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COVID-19 Safety Procedure:

Due to COVID-19 concerns and the fragile immune systems of our patients, we ask that all our patients be aware of the following procedures we have implemented:

  • Masks are required for all patients.  If you do not have a mask, one will be provided to you.
  • Hand sanitization prior to entry into our clinic.  You are asked to wait at the front door and will be greeted by a staff member, provided with hand sanitizer and ensured that you are currently healthy prior to entry to our offices.
  • We sanitize all surfaces before and after each patient visit so we ask that you please be patient for this process.  This may impact you with a slight delay in your visit start time.
  • Check out procedures now will be touch less either using ApplePay or Google Pay, disposable pens or self pay credit card usage.
  • Shared rooms for IV therapies: we will no longer put more than one person in an IV room for treatment but will utilize our waiting room as an additional treatment room for IVs as necessary.
  • Please come alone: we ask that patients come unaccompanied if you are an adult or children be accompanied by only one adult. We will provide chairs for waiting friends or family outside the entrance to our office.

Many people are surprised at the amount of time we take to speak with you about your health concerns. To fully understand the history and underlying cause of your illness, a very careful history and examination is taken before course of treatment is decided upon.   After Dr. Wang decides on a customized treatment plan for you, she will also educate you on appropriate dietary, lifestyle or habits that need to be changed for your healing.

Initial visits will take between 30-60 minutes for a naturopathic intake. For NAET appointments or for biopuncture treatments the initial appointment will take about 30 minutes. Follow-up visits generally take about 30 minutes for naturopathic visits and 15-30 minutes for NAET allergy treatments.

Visit Fees

  • 15 minute Free initial Consultation via phone.
  • Naturopathic Initial Visit (30-60 min): $300
  • Naturopathic Return Visit (15-30 min): $75-150
  • Call for prices of IV infusions, PRP platelet injections, Mesotherapy/fat dissolve, Ozone treatments etc.

Health Insurance Coverage

All visits and fees are paid at the time of your visit. We do not bill insurance companies nor take insurance forms. If you would like insurance forms to provide to your insurance company we would be happy to provide you the appropriate forms to submit to your insurance company.

Unfortunately, due to our patient load we will not be able to contact insurance companies on your behalf. All insurance reimbursement is subject to your insurance company review and policy.

Yes, there are a number of our patients who do get reimbursed by their insurance company…you just need patience.

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