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PRP-Platelet Rich Plasma for Skin Rejuvenation

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Introducing the Vampire Face-Lift

Want to turn back the hands of time? Reverse sun damage? Erase deep wrinkles and crow’s feet? How about erasing deep acne scars and pitting? Stretch marks? Finally, there is a surgical free option that achieves all these goals. PRP facials utilize your own body’s healing ability to stimulate skin recovery and smoothing.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is on the cutting edge of regenerative therapies. The PRP process of using your body’s own platelets (found in your blood), concentrate the platelets to up to 18 times baseline and injecting these platelets into the area that needs regeneration. PRP is often used in the operating room for orthopedic surgical procedures, wound healing and in dental surgeries. PRP prolotherapy injections utilize the PRP solution to heal ligament or tendon by stimulating growth factors to the region of interest.

In PRP facials, PRP is injected under the eyes, forehead, smile lines and into deep wrinkles to stimulate collagen regrowth allowing the area to tighten and regain the youthful glow that you once had. Skin rejuvenation can also be with PRP can be done on the neck and decolletage area which often shows signs of aging earlier in life. Hands too can be treated using PRP and DermaPen.

A video on PRP and DermaPen Treatments


Dr. Wang utilizes the DermaPen microneedling for skin resurfacing and to stimulate collagen and elastin production to tighten the skin to assist the PRP’s action. DermaPen can be used with or without the PRP injections. The DermaPen is a Class 1 FDA approved medical device used for scar revision and general dermabrasion. Of the best treatments for acne scars, MicroNeedling has the least risk of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation often seen with laser resurfacine, chemical peels and dermabrasion.

DermaPen and PRP can be very helpful for the treatment of acne scars with very little risk of post treatment hyperpigmentation or darkening of the treatment area. Watch this video on how this is possible with DermaPen.


The FDA has approved both PRP harvesting machines that Dr. Wang uses in her office for PRP injections. Depending on the size, location and number of treatment areas Dr. Wang will utilize Harvest Technologies Harvest Centrifuge or Cytomedix Angel system for platelet harvesting.

Note: This procedure is for significantly matured skin or significantly damaged skin from acne, pits or pock marks. It can also benefit those who want to slow further aging of the skin or those with fine lines. The improvements of the combination of PRP with Dermapen cannot be overstated. You WILL see an improvement.

Skin Rejuvenation: Wrinkle & Scar Repair

  • Significantly lessens Deep wrinkles
  • Repairs Acne scars
  • Reduces the appearance of Kelod scars
  • Improves jowl lines and smile lines
  • Repairs stretchmarks
  • For Aging Hands
  • Significantly helps Neck wrinkling and lines
  • Burn Scars
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Tighten fine lines and improve skin luminescence
  • Coming soon: Hair restoration using DermaPen and PRP
  • Collagen Induction Therapy for prevention of wrinkles

What to Expect

  • Before your appointment, stop taking all NSAIDS and unnecessary aspirin, fish oil and curcumin for 4 days before your appointment.
  • On the day of your appointment you will have your blood drawn so that your platelets can be used for healing your area of pain. Please come well hydrated for this.
  • After your blood is drawn you will wait for platelet harvesting and preparation of your injection. If you are having your platelets harvested for PRP facials, scar or stretch mark treatments, the area of treatment will be prepared and desensitized.
  • Scar treatments may require more than one treatment for successful resolution, although one treatment with PRP and DermaPen will significantly improve the appearance, size and depth of scars and stretch marks.
  • Full effect of this treatment takes 3 months for the skin to remodel, repeat treatments can be done as frequently as 1 time per month. Noticeable effects are seen in 1-2 weeks.

Other Treatment Modalities

Biopuncture (micro dose homeopathic treatment)

Neural Prolotherapy (Lyftgoft Technique)

Traditional Prolotherapy (ligament/tendon/disc or joint stabilization & strengthening)

Electro Myopulse Treatments

Diet change and regulation

Hormone Balance

Nutrient Assimilation and balance (vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids)

Detoxification (Heavy Metals, pH balance, liver, colon)

Auriculotherapy (ear acupressure)

NAET Allergy & Energy/Meridian balancing

Vitamin Injections for Nutritional deficiency


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